What do our clients say about IMG Advisors?

Dr. Emad Mousavi, COO, Delivery Fleet, Houston, TX, USA

"I engaged IMG Advisors to help our software organization with its roadmap and delivery timeline management. I was impressed with their seasoned approach to quickly assess our situation, implement industry leading practices, develop software & technology roadmaps, manage global teams, and make timely delivery aligned with our product launch deadline. I highly recommend them."

Mr. Feroze Iqbal, CEO, Resource International, Sharjah & Dubai, UAE

"I have engaged IMG Advisors on multiple occasions since 2009 for market evaluation, opportunity analysis, product development and marketing plans. I was impressed with their global footprint, cross industry knowledge, and proven methodologies to analyze business situation, recommend and implement product marketing strategy, and execute product launches. That’s why I continue to use them."

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