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Last Mile Healthcare Delivery & Patient Wellness

Healthcare delivery systems around the World are burdened with aging population, chronic illnesses, and higher life expectancy among the elderly, riddled with illnesses and therefore a much higher healthcare costs for their lifetime care. The ineffective management of chronic illnesses as well as inefficient spending on wellness concepts is contributing to the higher spending per patient and lower quality of life in the society. National health spending is rising at an alarming rate and governments are struggling with implementation of ineffective insurance models and quality controls that have delivered minimal results.

Non communicable diseases (NCD) have emerged as a major burden on national healthcare spending. NCD deaths are projected to increase by 15% globally between 2010 and 2020. The greatest increases will be in Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean, and South-East Asia, where they will increase by over 20%. Proactive and efficient patient communication and engagement is the key to improving the wellness of the community while simultaneously reducing the healthcare spending per patient due to reduction in emergency incidences and improved patient education.

- For example, NCDs kill 38 million people each year. To lessen the impact of NCDs on individuals and society, a comprehensive approach is needed.

Our Healthcare Advisory Group has resolved to launch initiatives and programs to improve community wellness by improving patient engagement, provider operations, and healthcare spending. For the program to be effective, we strongly believe that all parties including patient, provider, and national healthcare must work together to reach the ultimate goal of community wellness.
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Technology: Healthcare Delivery & Patient Wellness

Current healthcare providers have invested and enhanced their internal systems that allow them to manage patient encounters very well with information sharing between care givers, verifying health information, and governing medical controls.

This in house system however, loses its value when the patient encounter is complete with the hospital and patient leaves the hospital with follow up notes or a chronic illness management plan.

Clinicians and Administration have both identified that there is a need to engage with the patients, aligned with the current trends in technology usage, to get them active in managing their own health.

The provider’s healthcare is at a basic level of first Generation Technology while the patient is more advanced with mobile & SMART technology, using mHealth platforms to upload & check health information, and experiencing wider industry’s adoption of principles such as IoT and behavior analytics to PUSH products & services.

Use Technology to engage with your patients in improving the last mile in healthcare delivery, raising health awareness, and managing chronic disease plans to lower healthcare spending, improve wellness, & streamline healthcare operations.

The customized program protocols and PUSH technology to engage patient is about delivering right care at the right time and improving wellness.

We have developed simple yet powerful product and program concept that allows you to serve your patient needs. It gives you flexibility for you to select and model any protocol for follow ups and chronic condition management. It uses a secured care portal & encrypted SMART mobile application for 1-1 communication.