Project Details

Client: IBM
Tasks: Inbound customer interactions

Project Description

Email marketing campaigns generate responses. This inbound data is collected from various sources into marketing campaign execution application for further action. Campaign managers analyze campaign performance, match registrations data to existing accounts and contacts and find opportunities to target responding customers for other marketing campaigns. The challenge with any “out of the box” application and it’s capabilities is to support specific business requirements. Data is stored in multiple tables, for restrictive access for ad-hoc queries. These tables also resolve complexities of matching data to existing customers and non marketing campaigns and sales activities.

Such a project requires simplified solution for campaign managers to view customer interaction history in timely manner. IMG faced several challenges during implementation, such as:

- Complexities of different databases where interactions are stored
- Incomplete information for matching purposes to existing accounts and contact history
- Identify lost registrations during ETL process between systems and processes
- Merge data into a standardized tables/views to support business requirements

IMG was successfully able to:

- Copy interactions data from campaign execution application into marketing database
- Merge non-marketing and sales data with web registrations in standard format
- Process interactions data through company’s existing matching engine
- Create simplified views where marketing teams can view customer interactions history that occurred within 24 hours

Result was a simplified dashboard for data interaction and a trusted source for marketing campaigns, which ranked highest for campaign managers. Marketing organization was able to link marketing campaign activities to sales revenue.

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