Delivery Fleet

Project Details

Client: Delivery Fleet
Tasks: Program Management

Project Description

A startup company that was creating a platform to allow businesses to connect with drivers who can deliver their products, had not captured all the steps into the program to allow quick and complete on boarding.

Their program required analyzing and modeling end to end process for drivers and businesses, as well as incorporating vendors and suppliers into the program. IMG began with collecting different process steps and entities that were involved in performing the tasks. We created WBS and work streams to identify all the work needed for each entity—driver and business to register completely. We also analyzed the work needed for the technology platform components and modeled them into WBS. The whole program was then entered into an Enterprise Project Management tool to allow IMG to manage the program offering dashboard and updates.

Business process modeling as well as Technology platform diversity was initially missing from the program’s cost/time calculation. IMG was challenged deliver in 30 days which was successfully achieved by daily analysis and work prioritization. Result was the implementation of Agile/SCRUM methodology. The ability to monitor a fast delivery timeline using comprehensive program management principle allowed the client to meet its release deadline.

IMG has proven program management methodology and knowledge of tools that guarantee success for your complex initiatives.