virtual CTO

Virtual CTO

The Virtual CTO services with IMG Advisors is designed to assist small or startup companies, or to bridge the gap with larger companies who need to fill this critical position in days, not months.

If your company is new, preparing for growth, or has unexpected gap in IT leadership, you can turn to IMG to fill the gap and help you fill the need.


Strategic Planning services use experienced leaders to guide your team through the process of building a customized strategic plan. Unlike many consulting companies, who will pull a pre-built plan off the shelf, we use a tested process for helping your team build and be part of your strategic planning process.

Our Policy Management services will guide you in creating or updating your technology policies to meet your security, privacy, data management and other policy needs. This service is particularly useful if your team requires customized policies that accelerate your business and recognize your company’s unique market and needs. This service does not use canned templates but crafts your policies in cooperation with your team.

For many companies with a fulltime CTO, the process of Budget Management will not include an informed technical leader. By utilizing our Virtual CTO, you can include an informed technical leader who will understand technology requests for expenditure and assist in recommending options to reduce spending without sacrificing the technology needs of your company.

Our CTO leader has over 20 years’ experience in Vendor Management in onshore, offshore and nearshore environments. By adding a process of cyclical vendor reviews, our Virtual CTO will hold your vendors accountable, lead contract negotiations and assist in vendor selection.

Using our Technical Hiring services IMG Advisors can assist in the transition from a Virtual CTO to select a permanent member of your team. Our hiring services can help you build a new team or grow your existing team of technology professionals. These services, as with all of our Virtual CTO services are charged at an agreed hourly market rate, and will not require the significant investment by charging a percentage of your team’s annual salary.

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